My name is Larry Stendebach, I am an internet addict.lj_mu2

I spend almost all of my waking time on, or near, an internet enabled device(Computer, phone, car, console…etc). I have been Rick Rolled, LOLcatted, phished, tweeted, dugg, spammed, pinged, googled, poked, and spent too much time playing simple flash games. I co-own StateSurge.com; a government transparency website that strives to deliver government data in a way that is useful to the people and help citizens interact with the government. I also work in Saint Louis, Missouri helping develope the technology needed in modern politics.

This website is about my journey through the world wide network. I will highlight my work efforts as well as share the interesting items I run across on the web. Moreover, I hope to document many of my future personal tech projects here including: Clustering, SSD (Solid State Drive) RAID throughputs, and home automation via PC voice control. From technology to policy, economics to quantum mechanics the posts here may have little rhyme but always some reason.