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For the past month I have been having issues with my Mythbuntu DVRs. In all systems I was experiencing an odd issue where sometimes the tuners (HVR 2250) would not lock to channels (on both Mythbuntu 12.04 and 14.04). I would confirm the signal strength with a tester, but to no avail. What was more annoying, was that the errors were seemingly random – different channel, different tuners on different days. I would come in and see this:


Failed recordings would show up as 0 bytes and with no thumbnail.  When looking at the logs, I did finally find:

E SignalMonitor dvbchannel.cpp:1022 (GetSignalStrength) DVBChan(3:/dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0): Getting Frontend signal strength failed.#012#011#011#011eno: Invalid argument (22)

And this brought me to Google, only to find that others have had this issue with these Hauppauge tuners:

After looking into the EIT Scan options, I could not find teh direct cause. So, I started experimenting with different tuners.

Changing to HD Homerun tuners has COMPLETELY SOLVED this issue. This leaves me to believe that there is an issue with the drivers/firmware used for the HVR22550 – especially when used with alongside multiple tuners.