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Had an issue where we had stuck items in the Job Queue. Found that these can easily be removed via the MythTV Frontend, but to do them in mass, MySQL is the way to go. Log into mysql into the mythconverg DB and:

TRUNCATE Table jobqueue;

To remove older recordings that may be stuck in MythTV issue the following MYSQL command:

 DELETE FROM recorded WHERE starttime < ‘YEAR-MONTH-DAY 00:00:00’;

Finally, we had to rework the naming schema using STARTTIMEUTC. So now the user job reads:

/usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/user_jobs/ –link /LOCATION/TO/STORE –chanid “%CHANID%” –starttime “%STARTTIMEUTC%” –format ‘%cN-%T-%S-%m%d%y-%G-%i-%s’