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This video, and most of my fellow geeks, are completely missing the big issue with Net Neutrality and, are frankly, being duped!

The Net Neutrality approach of having the FCC mandate rules for what providers can and can’t do is addressing a symptom of the issue/concern without dealing with the problem. This video, and most net neutrality advocates, are advocating for setting a precedent where the government has jurisdiction over internet.

Instead of advocating for allowing the government to make the rules of the internet, demand the government get out of the process and allow for ISP competition over cable. The current cable oligopoly (government mandated monopoly) means that most Americans have little to no choice in their broadband provider which results in the Net Neutrality Issue.

If we had true broadband ISP competition then any of us could change providers when one ISP decided it was going to block specific traffic – the market would self regulate. Instead, we have government regulations fostering a situation creating a threat to the freedom of speech, and somehow, making the government the police of the internet with more regulations is the key to fixing it?

The answer is simple, but politically distasteful for any politician needing a campaign finance boost: allow competition in the cable market. Tell the cable companies that they had decades of a cornered market to repay them for their infrastructure build outs…now they must compete like everyone else.

Instead of agreeing with net neutrally because of silly videos like the one above, or because it’s popular, do what geeks do best – think about it. Lets work together to make sure that the internet stays free for all. And if you are really looking for a video about this issue, may I suggest: